Hazel Hypnotic has worked strictly as a BDSM model and assistant to PD, owner and founder of Intersec, for the last few years. During her first experiences with some kinky fetish play, before her Intersec days, she didn't expect to enjoy it but like so many others, the lifestyle drew her back in until she was hooked for life. There were never even any fantasies that she had that involved bondage probably  because the only sex she was exposed to was plain vanilla stuff.

Well, If you're looking for plain vanilla you won't find it on kinkster havens like Hardtied, Sexually Broken or Infernal Restraints because girls like Hazel who need to be humiliated and objectified to find their happy place are what we focus on filming for every BDSM aspirant or enthusiast.
In her RealTimeBondage.com series called "Training of H" you will get your first glimpse of what it's like for a submissive slut to go through a twenty four hour training in hard rope and metal bondage. Every single detail about her becomes more significant with so much time to focus on every area individually.

The eight part series covers the entire 24 hour ordeal from cutting her dress off and suspending her in bondage, naked and ignored, to enclosing her head in a custom made metal box and her feet in stocks to block out all sensation. All except the ones we want her to feel. Being unable to see what's happening and having someone stimulate your bound extremities is something she will never forget and something she doesn't want to forget. Insex on Demand has the whole series available right now and so many more fascinating and memorable scenes.

Fortunately for kinksters everywhere, Hazel Hypnotic has also accepted a number of roles behind the scenes at our studio. Working in many capacities to keep things running smoothly, Hazel jumps from videography to editing to helping PD build sets and devices.

I Choose You, Part Two | Hazel Hypnotic | Elise Graves
Jun 16, 2014
I am in the mood to dig deeper...

Hazel is a very reserved girl. She doesn't talk much, she doesn't anger quickly, she doesn't express herself often... unless she is in bondage. It is then, when Hazel can let go. Relax. Express herself a bit.

But I am interested in finding out more than she is probably wanting to give. I like intimacy. Closeness. I like seeing others vulnerable and transparent in nature.

Hazel's pussy is first up for further contemplation. For that to happen, Hazel sits, highly exposed, stopped to a wooden "chair." Both she and I know that her pussy is on display. As with any exploration, I begin from the outside and work my way in. Blood is forced to her cunt as her lips are sucked into a pussy pump. It's fun to watch her pussy expand and fill the cup. Hazel squeals. I smile. After some time, Hazel's labia lips are grabbed with clover clamps and stretched wide to allow for deeper contemplation. Eventually, though, I must enter her. As that is the only true way to understand another human. To become one with them. I ask her if she trusts me, which she answers affirmatively. This is important, as what I am doing requires a connection between her body and mind. I must have Hazel accept me for the full connection to be complete - Hazel and I are united as one inside her cunt with my entire fist.

Examining one's body is only the beginning. The mind is much more interesting to me. Exploring someone's mind is possible in a variety of ways, but on this day, I am interested in using fear as a means of uncovering the truth. For, through fear, one can get to the core. With the aide of a gas mask and rebreathing bag, I set out to see what Hazel is made of. How much control does she actually have over herself? Can she control her breathing enough to stay in the mask - or does she suck all the oxygen out of her allotted air supply like the greedy bondage slut that she is? What happens when Hazel's pussy is introduced to an electrified vibrator? I doubt you've ever heard an ear-piercing scream quite like the one Hazel makes in response to this toy. Watch as Hazel become increasingly stressed by her conditions.

What is Hazel made of? You be the judge.

I Choose You | Hazel Hypnotic | Elise Graves
May 20, 2014
I love Hazel's suffering.

Hazel gets it. She agrees that bondage is hilarious. Suffering is soothing. Pain is pleasure.

When Hazel reaches the "oh shit" zone, she transitions from squeals to knowing laughter. It's then that she realizes her situation is fucked up. She gets the humor. The pure ridiculousness of this picture becomes clear to her: A girl in bondage hanging by her ankles with a taped up face and exposed ass and breasts. She is fucked. And she knows it. And she loves it.

I like those who see the comedy. Life is hilarious. And there is no reason to not indulge in it further. Hazel knows this and lives by this. She laughs when she's hurt. She cries when she orgasms. She gets it.

I choose Hazel first, because I love the way she suffers. Its not a particular action she makes, or the many sounds she sings. It's her ability to see her tied-up self clearly.

Whether she yelps or growls, Hazel means what she says when she's suffering. When in bondage, Hazel can see her situation for what it is - untainted by any filter. With this clarity, she is confidant she can handle anything that comes her way. Most people can't see that, but she can. I love Hazel's suffering. I love the ways in which she suffers. All her ways. She gets it.

I choose her first.

Stuck in Bondage, Again | Hazel Hypnotic | Cyd Black
May 2, 2014
Hazel Hypnotic stars in Stuck in Bondage, Again
Slave Hazel Hypnotic suffers from a nose clamp. Hazel Hypnotic experiences nipple suction torment. Hazel Hypnotic's pretty feet in foot bondage. Hazel Hypnotic's Nipple gets tortured.
Hazel Hypnotic tits caned while wearing restrictive collar. Hazel Hypnotic can't move in this extreme bondage posit Submissive Hazel Hypnotic in harsh strappado position.
Hazel Hypnotic is tortured with forced orgasms. Hazel Hypnotic's ass is marked from torture as she cums
Hazel has been with us for a while and she knows what we are capable of. That doesn't mean we won't surprise her. A blindfold allows her imagination to work wonders as we prepare the unimaginable.

First the nipple cups. You just turn the nob and the piston sucks the nips in. As the blood balloons in her nipples it brings a new level of sensitivity to her tits. Soon they are the perfect targets for a sharp caning that will have her eyes welling up with tears in a matter of seconds.

The Wartenberg wheel is another rarely used toy that we've brought out just for Hazel. It is covered in tiny little spikes that roll across her body. She likes it a hell of a lot more than the whip that gets broken out next.

The last bind is the worst for her. She is face down and ass up with nose hooks keeping her head immobilized. The ass hook holds her back side still while vicious cane strokes rain down on it. It also keeps her from going anywhere for the rough dildo-fucking that she gets. Hazel may be a veteran of bondage, but we've still got a few wicked tricks up our sleeves.

Stuck in Bondage | Hazel Hypnotic
Apr 18, 2014
Hazel Hypnotic is Stuck In Bondage
A small clamp pulls her panties aside, exposing Hazel. A close up look at the metal collar Hazel Hypnotic wears. Hazel Hypnotic with her ankles and wrists shackled together. A view from behind of Hazel Hypnotic in an iron hog tie.
Hazel Hypnotic is gagged and vibrated in metal bondage. A suction device makes Hazel Hypnotics clit swell.
A ball-gagged Hazel Hypnotic struggles to look behind her. An overhead view of Hazel Hypnotic in an iron hog tie.
You probably don't think of orgasms as being a form of intense torment for the person having them. Hazel Hypnotic never did either. But when Cyd Black got his hands on her she suddenly saw the potential.

The first step is increasing the sensitivity of her pussy as much as possible. That doesn't mean going at her with a vibrator right away. In fact, it is all about the impact toys at first. A cane, a riding crop, then a thin and stinging flogger all fall across her pussy, one after the other, making her wet and horny while they do their work.

Hazel has no way to defend herself. The metal bar her limbs are strapped to doesn't even spread her legs but it does let Cyd roll her back so that her pussy is exposed. The celebrator is a tiny little vibrator but it's more than enough to force the first orgasms from her. She barely has time to think about how she expected it to be worse when Cyd comes back with a suction device for her clit.

Pulling her pussy into the cup causes all of the blood to rush to the area. If it was super sensitive before, now it is almost excruciating. It's the perfect time to apply the Hitachi. If Hazel wasn't gagged she'd probably be screaming bloody murder from the feeling of having her private parts rocked by the most powerful hand held vibrator. She nearly passes out from the orgasms.

When Hazel comes back to her senses she is in a completely different position. She's on her stomach in a hog-tie, except all of the bondage is still cold iron. She can't see behind her but it doesn't take much imagination to know what is coming next. She feels Cyd sliding his fingers inside of her sore snatch and knows that they are just a warm up. Mr. Pogo is going to take her and there is nothing that she can do about it.

The Unit: The Final
Director‘s Cut. A full
Feature BaRS Presentation!
Amazing Bondage, Brutal Sex!
| Darling | Hazel Hypnotic | Matt Williams

Feb 24, 2014
Today Bonus Update is the final director's cut of our critically acclaimed full feature presentation, THE UNIT! We originally released this in two parts, Today we offer THE UNIT, in the manner it was originally intended to be released, as one massive presentation! THE UNIT was shot entirely outdoors in the Adirondack Mountains on the east coast of North America. It features over 400 HIRES Photos, and over 450 High Quality Screen Grabs. 17 unique bondage positions including several two girl scenes. A beautiful Quicksand piece where Darling slowly sinks in an uncut scene, along with BONUS quicksand scenes that did not make the final cut. This was the most ambitious outdoor bondage movie ever created. This movie has everything you would expect from a Sexually Broken presentation; Extreme deepthroating, brutal fucking, hard pounding Anal sex, a massive squirting scene, and incredible production values with an amazing story line. Did we mention QUICKSAND! Sexually Broken is the only site you need for brutal bondage and rough sex without all the pain and impact play that most people are uncomfortable with.

THE UNIT is a collection of highly skilled, former military, former bondage producers, former porn actors. It operates across the World and is currently running ops in the Adirondack Mountains on the east coast of North America. The Unit is highly funded and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources. Funding comes from civilian clients around the globe. The wealthy, the Privileged, and occasional pro bono client, all females, all vetted, all beautiful. They pay handsomely for their sexually fantasies, and the UNIT provides.

All over the world, everyday, some of the hottest, richest females in the world look at bondage and rough sex sites and wish they were the girl in the production. They all dream of it, they all desire it, but it could never happen. The sad truth is this: if you are not in porn, you will never ever, have an experience like you see on the internet, period. What if there was a way to experience something like this without being on the internet? What if you could get the same experience you see in porn, but no one would ever, ever, find out?

What if the perfect storm of talent assembled, and created a UNIT. A UNIT with all the skills to deliver the highest quality fantasies, rough sex and amazing bondage, all in a safe and sane environment? Would you sign up? Would you pay? What would you pay? You would pay any price, the UNIT knows, The UNIT does, The UNIT... is!

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